Complete GDPR package for Romanian City Halls

Complete GDPR package for Romanian City Halls

  • all necessary policies, procedures and forms

  • implementation assistance

  • courses and training materials

(SEAP purchase)

Full implementation of the GDPR in your City Hall
simpler than ever

You will receive a complete package, based on the experience of two years of GDPR implementations in Romanian City Halls.

In addition to the set of documents and procedures, you will also receive a pre-completed mapping for 30 departments .

You also receive 1-on-1 support to make sure you get the implementation right, plus an interesting bonus (see below).

Complete list of materials that
you just need to fill them in with your data

In addition, you receive a ready-made mapping
for 30 departments

It includes both pre-completed excel files and logical schemas for each department.
Find an example snippet from such a logic diagram below.

The departments for which you receive both models
mapping as well as pre-completed mapping

The investment required is just that
2000 LEI + VAT , tariff covering:

(SEAP purchase)

Receive bonuses worth 1900 LEI + VAT

Total package value 3900 LEI + VAT
Price: only 2000 LEI + VAT

(SEAP purchase)