GDPR online courses

GDPR online courses

If you do not understand the requirements of the GDPR, it means that you have not tried our courses so far.

Over 2748 students have completed our online training and certification courses. And now I’m part of the community of experts in the field.

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GDPR course for DPO certification

The first online GDPR course in Romania. Ideal if you want to certify yourself as a DPO and lay a solid theoretical foundation for your career in the field.

Take the course and get 1 to 1 assistance from our team . This way you can quickly resolve any questions about the course.

The topic covers in detail the regulation with a focus rather on the theoretical part , in order to understand the GDPR requirements.

At the end, you receive a diploma along with an annex cf GEO 129/2000.

Applied GDPR Course

Here we focus on practice. A useful course for both a DPO and a manager who wants to validate their implementation or implement GDPR alone.

We address in black and white the main problems found in the daily compliance activities of the first year of GDPR.

You also receive a set of procedures to apply what you have learned.

You also receive a diploma here , although those who do this course are generally motivated primarily by the practical side of complying with the GDPR.

Online course package: DPO and GDPR Certification Applied
at only 800 lei + VAT 400 lei + VAT.

If you want to quickly learn both the basics and how to solve the most common problems in practice,
then this is the offer for you:

  • The course with the basics in which you learn to understand the regulation and its main requirements . More details here
  • GDPR Applied course in which you learn how to effectively apply the regulation in your daily work. More details here
  • A set of 15 procedures that you will be able to implement immediately after completing the courses.
  • One hour of 1-on-1 assistance with a GDPR Complete specialist in which you will be able to answer any questions you may have about the courses.

800 lei + VAT
Only 400 lei + VAT

GDPR online course for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, Data Protection Officer (DPO), or handle personal data and want to quickly learn how to implement GDPR for your business in less than 2 hours, we and 500 other entrepreneurs recommend this online course.

  • You will learn about GDPR Legislation and key terms in the field , attributions for DPO, essential policies dedicated to small companies;
  • You receive a FREE KIT with 18 documents ready to implement ;
  • You will learn what you need to do to ensure that your company and website comply with the GDPR .
  • You get a diploma here too