GDPR online course for entrepreneurs

GDPR online course for entrepreneurs

Give us less than 2 hours of your time and we’ll teach you how to properly implement GDPR for your business.


at only 250 Ron ( 500 Ron) + VAT

Why choose the GDPR Online Course for Entrepreneurs?

  • Short and to the point:
    The course is practical
    and has 120 minutes

  • Validated results:
    Over 200 entrepreneurs
    they have already opted for the course
  • 100% online:
    Video content
    and written course support

  • Certified quality:
    Not satisfied with the course?
    In 30 days you get your money back
  • KIT GDPR documents
    18 documents
    ready to implement
  • Graduation diploma
    At the end of the course
    you receive a graduation diploma

Who is the course for?

The course is developed by GDPR Complete specialists for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to quickly and efficiently apply the standard on the processing of personal data

  • Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

  • Professionals who work for SMEs and handle personal data

  • Anyone want to know more about data protection and GDPR.

Some of our customers

Public institutions and private companies

What topics will you cover in the 12 modules?

  • GDPR legislation and key terms in the field.

  • Duties for Data Protection Officers (DPOs).

  • The purposes of the processing of personal data and legal grounds.

  • Security incidents and breaches. Procedures.

  • Evaluation and security of IT infrastructure. How to secure data and software.

  • Essential policies for small businesses.

  • Website compliance.

What will you learn by the end of the course?

  • What are the steps to be taken to comply with the GDPR for SMEs?

  • What are the responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

  • What procedures can be applied in the event of security incidents and breaches.

  • How to secure your IT infrastructure in 4 steps.

  • What are the key policies for small businesses?

  • How to conform the company’s website.


Only 250 Ron (500 Ron) + VAT

Who we are and why choose us?

We are a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in management, law, and IT. We are a reliable partner with long-term partnerships with over 800 multinational companies, SMEs, and public institutions, who want to comply with the data protection law, privacy, and personal data of employees, customers, collaborators, and who wish to avoid GDPR fines and sanctions.

Conf. Dr. Nicolae Ploiesteanu

Conf Univ Dr Nicolae Ploeșteanu
GDPR Expert – Legal

Hilda Șumălan

GDPR Expert – Legal

Dan Gurghian

GDPR – IT consultant

Anca Suciu

Anca Suciu

GDPR Marketing

Ionel Orza DPO

Ionel Orza

Project Manager-DPO

Ionela Avram

DPO Specialist

Darius Farcas

DPO instructor

Maria Enea


Laurențiu Rîcu

Laurențiu Rîcu
Physical Security Risk Assessment Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan - GDPR Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan

GDPR Specialist

Our vision: we want to change the mentality about GDPR compliance in Romania, to raise the level of professionalism and to align it with European standards, by offering the highest quality services, with friendship, honesty, integrity and with the pride that we are part of a team of data protection professionals.

What does the GDPR KIT you receive contain?

In addition to video files and course support, you will receive 18 documents with which you can implement GDPR in your company:

  • Data processing policy

  • Set of technical and organizational measures

  • Appendix – Data Access Response Type Form

  • Appendix – Application Response Type Form

  • Annex – Third Party_DCCP Standard Clause

Chapter VII_Model_mapping_model_MM
Chapter VII_Data processing policy
Chapter VII_Set of technical and organizational measures
Chapter VIII_Appendix – Data Access Response Type Form
Chapter VIII_Annex – Application Response Type Form
Chapter VIII_AnnexThird_StandardDCCP Clause
Chapter VIII_BONUS_PROCEDURA_termoscanare
Chapter VIII_PersonalClauses
Chapter VIII_Job sheet Person with data protection responsibilities
Chapter VIII_Model_AgreementProcessingData_MedicineMuncii_SSM_SU
Chapter VIII_Model_GDPR camcorder indicator
Chapter VIII_Cookie Politics
Chapter VIII_Video Surveillance Policy
Chapter VIII_Security incident procedure
Chapter VIII_Internal Procedure Solution Requests of persons concerned
Chapter IX_Password Policy
Chapter X_Type form – Application for the exercise of the Rights of the data subject
Chapter XI_Security Incident Response Plan

Graduation diploma

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Only 250 Ron (500 Ron) + VAT