From consulting to planning

Consultanță GDPR fie ca servicii complete

GDPR consulting either as full services

For SMEs that want a more comfortable and safer way to avoid non-compliance fines

Complete ‘turnkey’ implementations for SMEs and institutions

This service is especially aimed at those who want a fast and rigorous implementation, made by a team of experts, with a minimum volume of work on their part.

Consulting for managers
data protection

If you are a DPO and still feel a lack of practical experience, our experts can be the trusted advisors you need to successfully cope with your day-to-day activities.

GDPR advice in specific areas of compliance

For companies and institutions with specific needs on certain aspects related to compliance, we offer services of:

Impact assessment of video monitoring systems (CCTV)

and / or GPS on GDPR compliance. Click for details .

GDPR site audits . Click for details .

Complete GDPR package for City Halls . Click for details .

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