The first online DPO certification course

The first online DPO certification and GDPR implementation course

Do you really want to learn what to do as a DPO while getting the certification you need with one-on-one assistance?

Give us 4.5 hours and we’ll teach you everything you need to know as a Data Protection Officer!

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GDPR online course for training and certification of the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO)

We invite you to what we believe is the easiest and most effective way to obtain your Data Protection Officer (DPO) diploma.


Why go to a 2-3 day GDPR course when our course tells you the essence in 4.5 hours. In addition, being online you can access it anytime, from anywhere, at the pace you want.


Just because we offer a 4.5-hour course doesn’t mean we’re superficial. During or after the course, we offer you an online session in which we will strive to clarify any questions you may have.


A normal GDPR course involves your physical presence for 2-3 days and costs between 2500 and 4500 RON (+ VAT). With GDPR Complet you can get the certification in 5 hours and pay only 1000 RON + VAT.


Each participant will obtain a diploma attesting to the acquired competencies, accompanied by a descriptive supplement according to OG 129/2000. This certificate is offered by GDPR Complet together with the Center for Data Protection within Petru Maior University Tg-Mureș

They can reach up to 20 million Euros or 2-4% of the global turnover. Following this course is already a first step towards compliance that you can demonstrate.

The GDPR Complet team is made up of specialists with over 20 years of experience in the legal, IT and management fields.

The course is supported by:
Mister. Nicolae Dragoș Ploeșteanu
Director of the Tg-Mureș Data Protection Center
together with the members of the Center for Data Protection (lawyers, lawyers – GDPR specialists)

Who We Are and Why You Should Choose Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with over a decade of experience in management, law, and IT. As a trusted partner, we have established long-term relationships with more than 800 multinational corporations, SMEs, and public institutions. Our clients value our expertise in ensuring compliance with data protection laws, privacy regulations, and safeguarding personal data of employees, customers, and collaborators. By choosing us, you can confidently avoid GDPR fines and sanctions.

Conf. Dr. Nicolae Ploiesteanu

Conf Univ Dr Nicolae Ploeșteanu
GDPR Expert – Legal

Hilda Șumălan

GDPR Expert – Legal

Dan Gurghian - GDPR Complet

Dan Gurghian

GDPR – IT consultant

Anca Suciu

Anca Suciu

GDPR Marketing

Ionel Orza DPO

Ionel Orza

Project Manager-DPO

Ionela Avram

DPO Specialist

Darius Farcas

DPO instructor

Maria Enea


Laurențiu Rîcu

Laurențiu Rîcu
Physical Security Risk Assessment Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan - GDPR Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan

GDPR Specialist

Our vision: At GDPR Complet, we are committed to transforming the mindset surrounding GDPR compliance worldwide. Our goal is to elevate professionalism and align our practices with international standards. We achieve this by providing the highest quality services, grounded in friendship, honesty, and integrity. We take pride in being a team of dedicated data protection professionals, striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

Do you want this course or do you have questions?

Frequent questions

About the course format

Whenever you want. From the moment you buy proforma, you have lifetime access to all online materials. So you start when you want, there is no set schedule.

In total, about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Not. You go through it at any pace you want. There is no set time.

Yes, our platform is also optimized for mobile devices.

The course has 14 video chapters and you can also download the support in PDF format.

The course is taught on a computer or tablet / phone. An internet connection is required at the time of the course.

The online course does not require a physical presence at a specific location and time. It can be played anywhere and at the chosen pace.

About certification and graduation

Yes. At the end of each chapter there is a grid test with 2 questions. It is important to note, however, that this test has primarily a role in fixing the information in the course and not as an obstacle to receiving the diploma.

Give it again immediately. You can repeat the test several times. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. We believe in the saying that rehearsal is the mother of learning.

The diploma is received a few days after the end of the course, by express courier. All you have to do is let us know when you finish the course.

The diploma is issued by the Center for Data Protection within the Petru Maior University of Târgu Mureș.

Yes. Employment as a DPO requires both higher education and the completion of a specialized course in the field of GDPR.

The course can be taken by anyone, regardless of the nature of the studies, the minimum age being 18 years.

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or online, by accessing the purchase button.

The skills that students will acquire during the online course

The knowledge acquired regarding the protection of personal data during the course is accurate and precise, with the participation of both academics and data protection specialists. The course structure is broad, covering all topics necessary for the implementation of GDPR at the organizational level.

  • Introduction to GDPR

  • General elements regarding the protection of personal data

    • History of regulations (Directive 95/46, ECHR, Charter of Fundamental Rights, GDPR)
    • Specific notions
    • Resources
  • Principles of personal data protection

  • Legality of processing. Consent

  • The operator of personal data and the record of the processing

  • Security breach notification

  • The impact of the GDPR on labor relations

  • GDPR in the field of labor relations – Deepening

  • Data protection officer (mandatory, characteristics, responsibilities)

  • The sanctioning regime imposed by the GDPR

  • Elements of case law

  • Mapping personal data

  • conclusions

What our customers say

“The way I learn online is very suitable for me personally. The structure is good, the important and essential topics of the Regulation are touched upon and developed. There is clear information, especially in the lessons in which the articles are explained in terms other than those in the Regulation. ”

Alina Petrule

“Exactly what I wanted, concisely, very good in terms of introduction in the field of personal data protection and a starting point for the implementation of GDPR requirements.”

Claudiu Șchiopu

“For me it was, metaphorically speaking, the tear that cleared my eye given the avalanche of information circulating in the virtual environment about the regulation and the lack of support from the authorities for requests from the private sector.”

Ramona Marian

Online course package: DPO and GDPR Certification Applied
at only 1000 lei + VAT 499 lei + VAT.

If you want to quickly learn both the basics and how to solve the most common problems in practice,
then this is the offer for you:

  • The course with the basics in which you learn to understand the regulation and its main requirements . More details here .
  • GDPR Applied course in which you learn how to effectively apply the regulation in your daily work. More details here .
  • A set of 15 procedures that you will be able to implement immediately after completing the courses.
  • One hour of 1-on-1 assistance with a GDPR Complete specialist in which you will be able to answer any questions you may have about the courses.

1000 lei + VAT
Only 499 lei + VAT