GDPR site audit

GDPR site audit

The page dedicated to all those who understand that a site according to GDPR involves much more than the existence of the cookie acceptance button.

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Dan Gurghian

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How long does a GDPR audit take for a site?

We list below what aspects to consider in an evaluation of a site according to GDPR. If you have a minimum of specialized knowledge, the list below will help you get a first impression of the level of compliance of your site. Otherwise, our specialists are at your disposal to carry out this audit.

The duration and content will obviously vary from case to case.

However, if we refer to presentation sites or ‘regular’ online stores, ie sites with a medium level of functionality (not Emag or, the audit process of a website generally takes a week .

During this time the following aspects are checked:

The purpose of the audit

All the elements analyzed above will be included in an audit report which will include the findings made and a list of concrete recommendations for improvement . This report will be received at the end of the project.

The price of the audit

The tariff for the site audit service according to GDPR starts from 500 lei + VAT . For a personalized offer, please contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.