GDPR Consulting Services

GDPR Consulting Services

Find out why our GDPR CONSULTING service is UNIQUE ON THE MARKET

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Dan Gurghian

Data protection expert

Project Manager & DPO

We are the only player in the GDPR market in Romania that includes a single multidisciplinary team:

Our unique combination of expertise, as well as solid experience, validated in over 800 projects from different industries, allows us to offer complete, customized GDPR consulting and to be able to manage any project, in all its stages, step by step.

For us, consulting is not just about delivering sets of documents and recommendations to clients. For us, GDPR consulting means complex audit processes, complete reports, sets of solutions and recommendations, and implementation of a plan of compliance measures.

Why are we really different? Because we have GDPR in our DNA.

And we look at every aspect of a business from a GDPR perspective, including business and management processes. And this perspective makes the difference, given that over 90% of the GDPR fines in Europe took into account technical or organizational measures, not aspects related to legislation.

GDPR step-by-step consulting

Some of our customers

Over 800 companies and public institutions avoided non-compliance fines by using our GDPR CONSULTING services

Here’s how I helped them:

  • Mapping data and processing flows

  • Risk assessment and impact assessment

  • Training of organization staff involved in processing

  • Analysis of the requests of the persons concerned on the basis of GDPR

  • Formulation of GDPR procedures (eg responses to requests from data subjects)

  • Evaluation of the IT infrastructure from the GDPR point of view

  • Implementation of effective GDPR implementation plans on the IT area

  • Carrying out effective GDPR implementation plans in the legal area

  • Verification of the implementation of the proposed measures

  • Cooperation with the National Supervisory Authority for the Processing of Personal Data

  • Defining the legal basis

  • Maintenance of implemented data processing systems

Who We Are and Why You Should Choose Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with over a decade of experience in management, law, and IT. As a trusted partner, we have established long-term relationships with more than 800 multinational corporations, SMEs, and public institutions. Our clients value our expertise in ensuring compliance with data protection laws, privacy regulations, and safeguarding personal data of employees, customers, and collaborators. By choosing us, you can confidently avoid GDPR fines and sanctions.

Conf. Dr. Nicolae Ploiesteanu

Conf Univ Dr Nicolae Ploeșteanu
GDPR Expert – Legal

Hilda Ciobota - echipa GDPR Complet

Hilda Șumălan

GDPR Expert – Legal

Dan Gurghian - GDPR Complet

Dan Gurghian

GDPR – IT consultant

Anca Suciu

Anca Suciu

GDPR Marketing

Ionel Orza DPO

Ionel Orza

Project Manager-DPO

Ionela Avram

DPO Specialist

Darius Fărcaș - echipa GDPR Complet

Darius Farcas

DPO instructor

Maria Enea


Laurențiu Rîcu

Laurențiu Rîcu
Physical Security Risk Assessment Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan - GDPR Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan

GDPR Specialist

Our vision: At GDPR Complet, we are committed to transforming the mindset surrounding GDPR compliance worldwide. Our goal is to elevate professionalism and align our practices with international standards. We achieve this by providing the highest quality services, grounded in friendship, honesty, and integrity. We take pride in being a team of dedicated data protection professionals, striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

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