Applied GDPR practical course

Practical course – GDPR applied

Can your GDPR knowledge pass the compliance test?

If you know the theory about GDPR, but practice kills you , our course, inspired by the hundreds of discussions we had with members of the DPO community, can save you (from non-compliance).

Made by practitioners for practitioners

This GDPR course was inspired by the hundreds of discussions I had with members
DPO community about the issues they face. E.g:

Course contents

Online course, about 150 minutes in video format that you can access anytime, from anywhere,
at the pace you want. Topic below:

What else do you receive besides the GDPR practical course?

A set of procedures to help you implement the things you will learn in class:

  • DPO designation decision

  • Job description of the data protection officer

  • Application form for exercising rights

  • Model procedure for resolving a request from a data subject.

  • Questionnaire on awareness of the role of personal data protection

  • Questionnaire for the preliminary evaluation of the company

  • Model of the personal data mapping table

  • privacy policy

  • Security breach record template

  • Standard clause in the data protection contract

  • Cookies policy

  • Authority notification form for a security breach

  • Internal IT security policy

  • Model for obtaining consent

  • Information model for data subjects

The diploma you receive

Do you want the GDPR practical course applied or do you have questions?

Frequent questions

About the format of the GDPR practical course

Whenever you want. From the moment you buy proforma, you have lifetime access to all online materials. So you start when you want, there is no set schedule.

In total, 150 minutes.

Not. You go through it at any pace you want. There is no set time.

Yes, our platform is also optimized for mobile devices.

The course has 11 video chapters and you can also download the support in PDF format.

The course is taught on a computer or tablet / phone. An internet connection is required at the time of the course.

About certification and graduation

Not. The diploma is automatically generated upon completion of the course within the online platform.

The diploma is received in electronic format and you will be able to download it on the online platform.

The diploma is issued by GDPR Complet in collaboration with the Center for Data Protection.

The course can be taken by anyone, regardless of the nature of the studies, the minimum age being 18 years.

Payment is made in advance by bank transfer or online, by accessing the purchase button.

The online course does not require a physical presence at a specific location and time. It can be played anywhere and at the chosen pace.

Online course package: DPO and GDPR Certification Applied
at only 800 lei + VAT 400 lei + VAT.

If you want to quickly learn both the basics and how to solve the most common problems in practice,
then this is the offer for you:

  • The course with the basics in which you learn to understand the regulation and its main requirements . More details here.
  • GDPR Applied course in which you learn how to effectively apply the regulation in your daily work. More details here.
  • A set of 15 procedures that you will be able to implement immediately after completing the courses.
  • One hour of 1-on-1 assistance with a GDPR Complete specialist in which you will be able to answer any questions you may have about the courses.

800 lei + VAT
Only 400 lei + VAT