Outsourced DPO services

Outsourced DPO services

Does GDPR bother you? Get rid of fines and leave GDPR to professionals with legal expertise, expertise in IT security and business management

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Dan Gurghian

Data protection expert

Project Manager & DPO

Why do companies and public institutions choose to outsource their DPO (Data Protection Officer) services:

Low costs

Rates from 400 EUR / month. Customized offers according to the operator’s specifics and the processing’s complexity.

Extensive, multidisciplinary team

Specialists with legal skills, IT, cyber security, data protection

Fast and correct implementation

Fast implementation, correct and compliant decisions.

Avoidance of fines

GDPR Complet has helped hundreds of Romanian companies and institutions avoid fines.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

An outsourced PDO is free from potential conflict of interest and remains objective

Focus on the field of activity

An outsourced DPO allows the company to focus on its area of expertise

We guarantee the quality of services by contract

Even if the responsibility for breaching GDPR standards normally lies with the operator,

Who we are and why choose us?

We are a team of specialists with over 10 years of experience in management, law, and IT. We are a reliable partner with long-term partnerships with over 800 multinational companies, SMEs, and public institutions, who want to comply with the data protection law, privacy, and personal data of employees, customers, collaborators, and who wish to avoid GDPR fines and sanctions.

Conf. Dr. Nicolae Ploiesteanu

Conf Univ Dr Nicolae Ploeșteanu
GDPR Expert – Legal

Hilda Șumălan

GDPR Expert – Legal

Dan Gurghian

GDPR – IT consultant

Anca Suciu

Anca Suciu

GDPR Marketing

Ionel Orza DPO

Ionel Orza

Project Manager-DPO

Ionela Avram

DPO Specialist

Darius Farcas

DPO instructor

Maria Enea


Laurențiu Rîcu

Laurențiu Rîcu
Physical Security Risk Assessment Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan - GDPR Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan

GDPR Specialist

Our vision: we want to change the mentality about GDPR compliance in Romania, to raise the level of professionalism and to align it with European standards, by offering the highest quality services, with friendship, honesty, integrity and with the pride that we are part of a team of data protection professionals.

How we help companies achieve and maintain GDPR compliance:

Some of our customers

We have implemented the GDPR standard and are responsible for data protection in various public institutions and private companies.
We can do the same in your company/institution!

Characteristics of the data protection officer:

  • We are monitoring the data processing processes carried out by the operator. Acting as a Data Protection Officer, we identify areas for improvement and provide support in implementing the necessary changes to ensure compliance with the highest standards of good practice in the field of data protection;

  • Verification of contractual aspects related to data protection of data subjects;

  • Request analysis about how personal data is processed, coming from data subjects under the RGPD (right of access, right to be forgotten, right to rectification of data, etc.) and support in answering but also offering support in everything regarding GDPR consent policies;

  • Assessing the compliance of the managed IT system , platforms and applications that process common personal data or special categories of data;

  • Assessing the compliance of the video surveillance system used;
  • Auditing data processing performed through the website;
  • Advising administrative staff in the management of personal data security incidents (eg addressing digital security risks, personal rights, processing personal data for special categories of data);

  • Training the staff of the institution/company on legislative developments and good practices in the field of data protection, according to the specifics of the activity;

  • Carrying out impact assessments on situations requiring measures regarding the protection of personal data;

  • Analysis of data protection policies and procedures and their adaptation;

  • Cooperation with the supervisory authority – “National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing”


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