Mapping personal data

Mapping personal data

Mapping and inventory of data and processing and processing flows

Align with GDPR using a personal data mapping software application

GDPR Complet – PERSONAL DATA MAPPING is a software application developed to facilitate the mapping and inventory of personal data and their processing flows. The data inventory solution gives you:

  • Graphic highlighting of personal data in your organization

  • An overview of existing data and processing flows

  • Easy to complete process – practical examples at every step

  • Quickly access it from any web browser

User license price: 500 lei + VAT

With the entry into force of the new Regulation, organizations need to map their personal data flows to assess the risks of possible data leakage and to identify the optimization solutions needed for the compliance process.

Application available as an online service. Each step you take is accompanied by clear instructions and examples. If you deem it necessary, you can revert to the information provided to modify or delete it.

The application successfully meets both public and private requirements. It can also be easily implemented in both large and small institutions.

In the case of large organizations, it is possible for several users (belonging to different departments) to work simultaneously on filling in specific maps with personal data. Finally, the application allows you to compose a complete map with the big picture.

O parte dintre clienții noștri

Instituții publice și companii private

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Features and benefits

  • Easy identification of personal data

  • Progressive completion of the elements that make up the map with personal data

  • Centralized management of this information

  • Graphic and visual representation of the flow of data held

  • Simultaneous completion by several users from different departments (financial, human resources, legal, etc.)

  • Editing and subsequent completion of the inventory with personal data

  • Highlighting data flows and processing

  • Multiple export variants of the resulting structure

  • Possibility to identify the existing risks in the data processing process

  • Availability to get the map in hardcover format at an appropriate size

GDPR Complet – Data Mapping is an online software solution
through which you will be able to answer effectively the 5 essential questions:


The reason why you process personal data


Who owns the personal data you process


What kind of personal data do you process


When and who processes personal data


Where personal data is processed


In order to use the application and benefit from the facilities it has, it needs to be licensed. This operation is available as an annual license and allows a user to go through the entire mapping process and manage the resulting information and documents.

In the case of large organizations, in which several people participate in the mapping process (related to different departments, with different processing activities: legal, human resources, financial accounting, etc.) it is necessary to purchase a license for each member who will use the application.

Annual license / user price: 500 RON + VAT

* For NGOs, Foundations, Non-Profit Associations, or educational organizations, we offer significant discounts from the list price. In this regard, please contact us.

Do you want to buy this application or have questions?