Two ten-point questions for any DPO

Two ten-point questions for any DPO

  1. How do you know if an employee of yours is copying their database with their company’s customers on a personal USB stick that only he / she knows what he / she is doing?
  2. In general, what happens when personal data leaks in your company or institution that you can’t identify?

and find out the answers.

Some possible scenarios …

  • You don’t do anything because ‘ it works, no one is in control anyway ‘.

  • You learn about a data leak directly from a data subject who complains to the Authority ( receives an email from an employee of yours with an attachment that shouldn’t reach him, gets suspicious and starts to get agitated ) .

  • Who knows how many leaks there may have been that you still don’t know about. You realize that you are completely uncovered if a check still comes.

  • However, someone comes in control in the end … NASOL !!

  • No one is in control, but the person concerned doesn’t give up and starts talking ‘good’ to you and writing about you on Facebook.

  • No one is in control, but you start living with fear in your chest.

We’re sorry if the above scenarios seem a bit out of place. It is the best way we have found to illustrate the most real risks that an institution or an SME that does not pay due attention to the record of personal data processing is subject to.

To prevent such situations, we created GDPR Monitor

The application that automatically keeps track
processing of personal data.

Created to meet the need to highlight and monitor personal data processing activities – according to art. 30 para. 1 and 2 of the Regulation.

• Automatically monitor, in real time, all the processing of personal data on your computer network

• Helps you promptly identify vulnerabilities and security breaches

• Notifies you in case of potential data processing irregularities

* A license = a computer scanned

Some examples of features and how
they will help you in case of a breach

O parte dintre clienții noștri

Instituții publice și companii private

Complete list of GDPR Monitor features

  • File activity monitoring (on fixed or mobile drives, in the cloud)

  • Complete Internet activity report

  • Record of all printed documents

  • Document processing and operation activity

  • Activity within applications and application windows

  • Alerting potential risks

  • Different levels of access to the information collected

  • Monitoring operations on databases

  • Software Inventory – Identifying Security Updates

  • Invent Hardware

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