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Dan Gurghian

Data protection expert

Project Manager & DPO

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your DPO Services

Cost-Effective Solution

Starting at just €400/month, we offer customized plans tailored to your organization’s unique needs and the complexity of data processing.

Experienced Multidisciplinary Team

Our specialists bring together legal expertise, IT skills, cybersecurity knowledge, and data protection experience to ensure comprehensive support.

Rapid and Compliant Implementation

We guarantee fast and accurate implementation, ensuring your organization’s decisions remain compliant with GDPR regulations.

Proven Success in Avoiding Fines

GDPR Complet has helped hundreds of Romanian companies and institutions successfully avoid costly fines.

Elimination of Conflicts of Interest

An outsourced DPO is free from potential conflicts of interest, ensuring unbiased and objective decision-making.

Focus on Your Core Business

By outsourcing your DPO, your organization can concentrate on its area of expertise, while we handle GDPR compliance.

Contractually Guaranteed Quality Services

While the responsibility for GDPR compliance typically falls on the operator, GDPR Complet ensures top-notch service quality through a contractual guarantee. Rest assured that our commitment to your organization’s success is backed by a solid agreement.

Who We Are and Why You Should Choose Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with over a decade of experience in management, law, and IT. As a trusted partner, we have established long-term relationships with more than 800 multinational corporations, SMEs, and public institutions. Our clients value our expertise in ensuring compliance with data protection laws, privacy regulations, and safeguarding personal data of employees, customers, and collaborators. By choosing us, you can confidently avoid GDPR fines and sanctions.

Conf. Dr. Nicolae Ploiesteanu

Conf Univ Dr Nicolae Ploeșteanu
GDPR Expert – Legal

Hilda Șumălan

GDPR Expert – Legal

Dan Gurghian - GDPR Complet

Dan Gurghian

GDPR – IT consultant

Anca Suciu

Anca Suciu

GDPR Marketing

Ionel Orza DPO

Ionel Orza

Project Manager-DPO

Ionela Avram

DPO Specialist

Darius Farcas

DPO instructor

Maria Enea


Laurențiu Rîcu

Laurențiu Rîcu
Physical Security Risk Assessment Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan - GDPR Specialist

Ruxandra Săplăcan

GDPR Specialist

Our vision: At GDPR Complet, we are committed to transforming the mindset surrounding GDPR compliance worldwide. Our goal is to elevate professionalism and align our practices with international standards. We achieve this by providing the highest quality services, grounded in friendship, honesty, and integrity. We take pride in being a team of dedicated data protection professionals, striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

How We Help Companies Achieve and Maintain GDPR Compliance

Some of our customers

We have implemented the GDPR standard and are responsible for data protection in various public institutions and private companies.
We can do the same in your company/institution!

Key Responsibilities of Our Data Protection Officers

  • Monitoring Data Processing
    We closely monitor your data processing activities, identifying areas for improvement and providing support in implementing necessary changes to ensure compliance with the highest data protection standards.
  • Verifying Contractual Aspects
    We review contractual elements related to the protection of data subjects’ personal information.
  • Handling Data Subject Requests
    We analyze and assist in responding to data subject requests under GDPR, such as the right of access, right to be forgotten, and right to rectification, while offering support with GDPR consent policies.
  • Assessing IT System Compliance
    We evaluate the compliance of your IT systems, platforms, and applications that process personal data or special categories of data.
  • Reviewing Video Surveillance Systems
    We assess the compliance of your video surveillance systems in relation to data protection.
  • Auditing Website Data Processing
    We conduct audits of data processing activities performed through your website.
  • Advising Administrative Staff
    We guide administrative staff on managing personal data security incidents, addressing digital security risks, personal rights, and processing special categories of data.
  • Staff Training
    We train your organization’s staff on legislative developments and best practices in data protection, tailored to your specific industry.
  • Conducting Impact Assessments
    We carry out impact assessments in situations requiring personal data protection measures.
  • Analyzing and Adapting Policies and Procedures
    We review and adapt your data protection policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Cooperating with Supervisory Authorities
    We collaborate with the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.

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